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A mother-in-law wants her bonus daughter to know just how much she loves her and that even though she didn't bring her into this world, she still conders her very much a daughter.

To help her better express those feelings, we created our "BONUS DAUGHTER" gift box with a touching personalized message card and a gorgeous Love Knot Necklace.

Heartfelt card to her bonus daughter.

This gift box includes a touching personalized message expressing her feeling of appreciation for how she has brought so much joy and love to her family.

On top of the card is a stunning  Forever Love necklace in 14K white gold over stainless steel with a cubic pendant.

You can choose either the standard two-tone box or the mahogany-style gift box with an LED light that highlights the jewelry with special lighting.

Choose the two-toned or luxury gift box.

The "BONUS DAUGHTER" gift box creates a memorable moment between a mother-in-law and her bonus daughter with its touching personalized message card.

Moms get the added bonus of knowing that every time their bonus daughters wear this necklace, it reminds them of their loving relationship and further strengthens their bond.

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