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Brides want to celebrate their special bond with the woman who has guided them more than any other.

To help a bride say thank you and remind moms how proud they are to be their daughter, we created our “NEW CHAPTER” wedding day necklace gift box.

 Personalize the card with mom's name.

The gift box comes with a stunning necklace and personalized heartfelt card that has just the right words for creating a special moment she will always remember

You can personalize the message card with both the mother's and daughter's names so she knows this gift box was made especially for her.

The personalized card will also give greater meaning to the words that express how grateful you are to have her as your mother.

You can choose the two-tone or luxury box.

This type of personalized custom gift creates a memorable moment between a daughter and her mother on her special day.

Plus, it’s combined with something she can always wear and enjoy, and when she does she will always think of their special relationship.

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