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It’s easy for the new mother-in-law to feel left out and somewhat underappreciated during the wedding process despite the bride’s best intentions.

 To help brides bond with the most important woman in the life of the man she is about to marry, we created our “I WOULD PICK YOU” candle so her new mother-in-law better understands how much she is valued and appreciated.

The candle is personalized with heartwarming, sure to create a memorable moment that will further enhance their bond.

She is sure to be deeply touched when she reads… “IF MOTHERS-IN-LAWS WERE FLOWERS, I WOULD PICK YOU.”

 It’s a 9-ounce hand-poured candle that comes in a glass jar and features a vanilla scent. It’s soy blended for longer-lasting and cleaner burning.

This candle is the perfect way for a bride to let her new mother-in-law know how much she means to her and that every time she looks at this candle, she will always think of this special day and their loving relationship.

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